Put yourself first counselling

I am Natasha Nyeke / a councellor with a vision to support Mum's to feel good about putting themselves first. 

Counselling for mums


My motto in life is you can't pour from an empty cup, and I never realised how important that was until I became a Mum.
As Mothers, we spend so much time serving others, but we want our children to enjoy us as the happy, fun people we were before we had them and that can be exhausting.
Counselling can be a great place to start reconnecting with the person you want to be. I see it as my role to listen, understand, support and meet you where you are. Through this, I aim to help you start being the mother and partner you always imagined you would be before exhaustion, resentment and overwhelm took over.

Through our work, I aim to create a safe and trusting relationship where you can begin to reveal and heal your true self.Put Yourself First is about acknowledging your right as a human being to be healthy and happy, and a reminder that you are a role model and I don't know any Mum who doesn't want that for their children. 


I believe you don't have to be at a crisis point to start Counselling and it can just be a great sounding board. Investing in yourself by taking time to pause and reflect can improve life for not only you but your whole family.